Always growing,


What it is like working for Synovo

A significant component of the raison d'etre at Synovo is the provision of good jobs in which our staff can grow intellectually, professionally and personally.

Personal Growth

At one level, Personal Growth means being given challenges and meeting them.  At the same time it requires that the organisation gives the necessary room and security for its people to succeed in their private objectives. To this end, we do our very best as an employer to give our team continuity and loyalty so that when it is time to start a family or buy a major asset, it can be done with the confidence that we believe that everyone should be free to take these steps.

Professional Growth

We support Professional Growth in that we train our existing staff constantly but we also seek additional team members to bring in new skills and augment our capabilities. We learn from each other, our clients and third party trainers, however, we also have a large body of knowledge in-house that means that our new employees slowly accumulate aspects of the collective knowledge base that makes a specialist pharmaceutical company like Synovo efficient. One of our goals is that our employees have the confidence that their training within Synovo makes them globally competitive. That this is the case is demonstrated through the success of many of our Alumni in major organisations throughout the world.

Intellectual Growth

At Synovo we approach Intellectual Growth by simply seeking in every project to push the limits of originality and productivity.  We are a multi-disciplinary organisation and we seek to bring an innovation perspective to the world.

Open positions

Full time positions

Synovo employs Chemists and Pharmacologists, especially those with a background in the pharmaceutical industry. Although there are presently no vacancies in these areas, Synovo is happy to note the contact details of people living in the Tübingen area who are seeking work in these disciplines. To provide us with your contact details and a brief outline of your skills, please send us an e-mail to

Part-time and mini-job positions

Synovo has a limited number of mini-job positions suitable for advanced university students with experience in basic molecular biology and cell culture techniques. To apply, send an email with a brief outline of your practical experience and skills, please send us an e-mail to


Synovo is especially looking for

  • Chemistry Technicians (CTA, Chemielaborant/innen) with experience in synthetic organic chemistry
  • Chemistry Technicians (CTA, Chemielaborant/innen) with experience in organic analytics with strengths in instrumentation and instrument modification
  • Synthetic chemists - Must have experience in complex organic synthesis, with or without Ph. D.
  • Pharmacologists with experience in drug discovery.

If you are interested send an email to

Applying at Synovo

Unfortunately, we often receive emailed applications that contain viruses and Trojans which are disguised as CVs etc.
In order to help us distinguish real from phishing applications, we kindly ask you to:

A personalize your email in some way so that it is clearly not generic
B exclusively use the address


We regularly host students at various levels for work experience/internships or thesis work.  We welcome your interest and a simple email is all that is required as a first step.

Let us know:

  • What stage in your training you have reached
  • When you would like to do an internship and for how long
  • Whether it is official or voluntary
  • What particular field you would like to work in
  • Why you want to do an internship in a drug discovery company
  • Attach a short CV focusing on work or technical experience

Send your email to contact at - we are looking forward to hearing from you!

If we think you will fit with a slot, we will invite you for an interview.

Student Positions

Synovo’s corporate culture has 3 key elements:

Helpfulness and loyalty, both to our clients and our staff – this means real team-work

Inter-disciplinary thinking – this means you have to be able to think about different fields

Inventiveness – this means being able to find a new way to solve a problem

If you think you fit in to such a working environment and feel like your profile fits the work we do, we would like to hear from you.

Based on your application we may invite your for an interview.

The interview will cover both technical and personal matters.  To help you prepare, here are a list of points that one should be prepared to answer or discuss:

Technical matters depending on hiring level 

  • details of techniques or fields that are your focus,
  • questions on problems of basic laboratory safety and mathematics
  • role and contribution to publications
  • Understanding of Pharmacy in general and the role of therapeutics in healthcare


  • Motivation to work for Synovo
  • Style of work and preferences for work type
  • Longer term plans

Part of the interview will be in English if you tell us you have conversational English or better.   In the medium term we would want all of our employees to be able to also work in English.