Promoting bacterial killing by phagocytes

Multi-drug resistant bacteria (MDR) is a global health challenge that requires a multifaceted and comprehensive approach, including antimicrobial stewardship.

The MDR-Phage project aims to evaluate the effects of a novel class of molecules for the treatment of MDR bacteria. Preliminary results suggest high potential benefit of the new treatments against challenging infections. This new compounds encourage host defence mechanisms against infection, overcoming major pathogens mechanisms of evading the immune system while avoiding antibiotic resistance.

The new molecules will be tested against clinically relevant MDR bacteria obtained from patients and using patient immune cells, as well as using relevant pharmacology models.

The long-term goal of the project is to launch an affordable broad spectrum compound or group of compounds with activity against MDR respiratory pathogens.

The work developed under the scope of the project will cover the NACTAR program main aim to develop novel therapies to antagonize bacterial resistance and specifically the topic of new alternatives to antibiotics. 


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   University of Twente
   University of Amsterdam
   Synovo GmbH


Novel Antibacterial Compounds and Therapies Antagonizing Resistance (NACTAR)