Synovo and its place in the local community

  We at Synovo are proud to be an active part of the vital community in Tübingen.

  We promote an active and healthy lifestyle hoping to achieve a high rate of employee satisfaction,

  trying to add to the diversity of activities in Tübingen.

  Moreover, we are excited to be a supporter of many great local events, clubs and athletes!




  Watch out for the blue Synovo Kangaroo!

University of Tübingen Men's Soccer

We support the the Universtity of Tübingen Men's Soccer team in their quest of defending their title
at the World Elite University Football Tournament 2019
in Guangzhou, China
11.07. – 23.07.2019.

In 2018, they were able to win the World Elite University Football Tournament,

a great result for the team and the universtity of Tübingen.

Soundtrack European Athletics Meeting

We are proud partner and supporter of the

Tübinger Soundtrack European Athletics Meeting.

While supporting the Soundtrack10k-event in 2018,

this year we are focused on the official Schülerlauf,

where several houndreds of young athletes will compete in the 600m-run.

Our own mascot, the Synovo Kangaroo will be on the starting line as well!


Synovo is beyond excited to be part of such a great event, which will be a tremendous image boost for the Region of Tübingen.


LAV Tübingen Track and Field

We are a proud supporter of the local track and field club LAV Tübingen,

one of the leading track and field clubs in Germany.


The LAV Tübingen offers a broad spectrum of highly educated coaches,

providing high-class training courses, supporting younger athletes as well as

  professional and accomplished track and field athletes.