Synovo expands business to ophthalmology


Tübingen, Germany, February 2014. Synovo, a company focused on drug discovery and preclinical development, today announced the strategic decision to extend its service portfolio on ophthalmic indications.


Founded in 2004, Synovo is already known to its customers as a strong partner in inflammation, CNS, infection and oncology. Services range from drug discovery, formulation and pharmacology to toxicology in vitro and in vivo. The decision to move on to ophthalmology comes as a natural step after several collaborative engagements in privately and publicly funded research lead to the development of novel techniques and products with the potential to dramatically improve productivity in ophthalmic drug development.


“Back of the eye ophthalmology has recently become one of the hottest fields in medical research and development”, says Michael Burnet, Synovo’s Managing Director. “We are looking forward to help old and new players in the arena to benefit from our fast and flexible services like “PK in a day” and advanced disease models. In addition we have identified novel methods of assessing the distribution of drugs to the eye, or methods of formulating drugs for treatment of the eye that make it possible to consider new treatment modalities in ophthalmology.”


Synovo’s service offerings benefit from refined pharmacokinetics techniques for CNS organs like the back of the eye, which are able to provide very accurate information on exposure and distribution of drugs to the eye from various routes of application. Along its novel development services, in-house formulation systems are being developed, as well. The pipeline includes for example implants for the delivery of drugs that may otherwise have not been able to reach the eye. Through Synovo’s successful collaboration with public sector ophthalmic institutions, it is now also assisting in the development of breakthrough treatments.


While already connected to partners in ophthalmology across the continent, local ties have strengthened Synovo’s network. Apart from a university eye hospital, Tübingen hosts one of the few sizable ophthalmology institutes in Europe fully dedicated to research. Both, eye hospital and research institute are presently being relocated to a new 50 Mio. Euro building expected to be completed in 2016. Ocular biotech companies and service providers in the preclinical and clinical field add to the thriving ophthalmology hub.  Dr. Burnet comments “These developments together with the establishment of high tech start-ups like Katairo are the basis for a new ophthalmology global presence in the region”.


About Synovo


Synovo GmbH is a privately held and independent company dedicated to pharmaceutical development including in-house research and pharmaceutical discovery services.


Synovo provides medicinal chemistry, formulation, in vivo pharmacology and bio analytical services to pharmaceutical companies, biotech enterprises and academic institutes wishing to develop new drug candidates. Pharmacological activities at Synovo are based on assays and disease models for the selection of drug candidates with optimal in vivo properties.


In its in-house research, Synovo is focused on inflammation and its impacts on various organ systems from oncology to ophthalmology. It is involved in several projects with international partners providing both technology, licensing and expertise in pharmacology.


Based in Tübingen, home of one of the oldest and best known Universities in Germany, Synovo benefits from highly skilled internationally sourced staff and a cutting edge research environment which has attracted the majority of venture funding in Germany.  The company has 40 full and part-time team members and it is managed by Dr. Michael Burnet. Michael came to Germany in 2000 after working in early discovery for Zeneca in the UK where he developed a broad interest in chemical biology and its uses to improve small molecule discovery efficiency.


Synovo GmbH



Synovo expands business to ophthalmogy.


Synovo wird Anbieter für Dienstleistungen und Lösungen für Forschung und Entwicklung in der Augenheilkunde.

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