Kick-off meeting NACTAR

The official kick-off meeting for the program ‘Novel Antibacterial Compounds and Therapies Antagonizing Resistance’ (NACTAR) will be held in the Netherlands this September.

#NACTAR #Synovo

The project MDR-Phage brings together the expertise and resources from Synovo GmbH, Qualizyme Diagnostics, the University of Twente, and the University of Amsterdam. Within the project, we will test our anti-microbial library of compounds in clinically relevant environment, using multi drug resistant (MDR) clinical isolates, as well as in research models of respiratory tract infection and pneumonia-derived sepsis.

A small team from Synovo already flew to Amsterdam in the middle of July in order to introduce themselves in a nice and informative meeting, planning the first steps to start the program. We are looking forward to a great collaboration, interesting talks and lots of progress in the following months.